Final Week in Mexico

This week Elder Huxford and I did exchanges after the district meeting and had our final interviews. Then we went with President Titensor and a couple of sister missionaries to pick up Elder Van Tassell and Elder Stanger over in Atotonilco. He took us to the offices where we stayed the night with a bunch of missionaries from my generation. Elder and Sister Bingham left for a bit and came back with a huge box of carne al pastor and we ate tacos and Sister Bingham had also made peach cobbler and banana cream pie! It was super delicious and that was really nice of them to do that for us! The next morning we went to the temple and ate in the cafeteria with President and Sister Titensor. It was super awesome! There was a ton of traffic coming back, but we took advantage of the time asking President and Sister Titensor a bunch of questions and they gave us some good advice. Rafael came to church on Sunday with a baptismal date this time and we went back and visited with him and his wife last night! He is doing really well and he is going to be a great convert! José is still going strong too and Demian and Yitzhak received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday as well! I have loved being here in Tula! It has been a great area! I love you all lots and I’m super excited to see you on Wednesday! I love my mission and I’m super excited to tell you all about it and hear what you’ve been up to! ¡Que estén bien!


Elder Black





At the Temple in Mexico City Before Coming Home

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