Final Week in Mexico

This week Elder Huxford and I did exchanges after the district meeting and had our final interviews. Then we went with President Titensor and a couple of sister missionaries to pick up Elder Van Tassell and Elder Stanger over in Atotonilco. He took us to the offices where we stayed the night with a bunch of missionaries from my generation. Elder and Sister Bingham left for a bit and came back with a huge box of carne al pastor and we ate tacos and Sister Bingham had also made peach cobbler and banana cream pie! It was super delicious and that was really nice of them to do that for us! The next morning we went to the temple and ate in the cafeteria with President and Sister Titensor. It was super awesome! There was a ton of traffic coming back, but we took advantage of the time asking President and Sister Titensor a bunch of questions and they gave us some good advice. Rafael came to church on Sunday with a baptismal date this time and we went back and visited with him and his wife last night! He is doing really well and he is going to be a great convert! José is still going strong too and Demian and Yitzhak received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday as well! I have loved being here in Tula! It has been a great area! I love you all lots and I’m super excited to see you on Wednesday! I love my mission and I’m super excited to tell you all about it and hear what you’ve been up to! ¡Que estén bien!


Elder Black





At the Temple in Mexico City Before Coming Home

Blessings from Fasting

Hi everyone!

I´m about to go to Cuautitlán, so I’ll be quick and I’ll probably write more in the afternoon. This week was pretty rough for most of the week. We contacted a lot of people and had very few appointments. We found a cool couple Diego and Claudia that lives out in Parajes, one of the little pueblos in our area. They didn’t come to church though because Diego works on Sundays in a tortillería. We are going to keep working with them though and hopefully Diego can get another job. We were pretty frustrated though because we have been really obedient and working hard and talking with a lot of people, so on Saturday we decided to fast to be able to find people who are ready to hear the gospel. None of our investigators came to church on Sunday (José went to Veracruz to get married so he wasn’t here all weekend), and we were pretty frustrated. But then we noticed that a couple people came to church from our area who aren’t members, so we went and talked to them. One of them, Rafael is the husband of Brenda, a sister who has been less active. We went to visit them in the evening with Viky and Ray, some awesome converts in our ward, and Rafael told us that he had realized that what he has been doing in life hasn’t been helping him much, so he decided that he is going to change. That is why he went to church on Sunday and he told us that he will be there every week now and that he wants to be baptized! We explained a little about the word of wisdom and he said that he has been living it since Wednesday and we put a baptismal date with him for July 16th!! Anyway, that was a pretty cool miracle we saw from fasting this week!

A Normal Week with Lots of Photos

This week was pretty normal. We worked hard and had a good week. The members have been giving us more references this week and we were able to find 10 new investigators but we got kind of frustrated on Sunday because none of them went to church. José is still progressing very well though. Hopefully he can get baptized on the 18th of June.  He’s almost finished with the Book of Mormon. Right now he´s in Mormon, so he should be able to finish it up pretty soon. We are working with the Uribe family as well so that they can receive the priesthood this coming week. On Sunday they told Demian and Yitzhak that they are going to call them as family history consultants in the ward, and they are excited about that! I am glad they are so constant in attending church and are going to keep progressing! In the zone meeting on Thursday, every companionship in the zone taught about one of the chapters of Preach my Gospel. Our topic was chapter 4 on recognizing the Spirit and it turned out pretty well! I went to Huichápan again on Friday and did a baptismal interview and then stayed there on exchanges with Elder Marquez. He is pretty new still, he only has one more transfer than Elder Ayala, but I was really impressed by him. He is really humble and was asking me a ton of questions during the whole exchange and even wrote down some of the answers I gave him. I don’t feel like I really know that much, but it motivates me a lot to know that there are younger missionaries watching my example and I really want to help them out and set a good example for them. Anyway, that’s about it for this week. Just so you know, I might not write a ton next week because I’m going to go visit Cuautitlán with Elder Huxford and it’s kind of far away so I don´t know how much time I’ll have. I love you lots!



The baptism of Yitzhak, Demian, and Valentina!!!


one of the members in Tepeji is a fisherman and he gave us a bucket of fish and we cleaned them with him and then cooked them on P-day last week!







A Fish Fry at Tepeji



At the lake in Tepeji


Tula Zone


Washing Clothes on P-Day


Teaching Zone Meeting






Fun at the Refinery


just an idea to upgrade our agendas haha!