Baptisms and Confirmations

Well, we had a very busy week, although we didn’t get to teach a ton of lessons. I have been doing a lot of baptismal interviews, and we had a district service project on Saturday washing the chairs at the church. Everything went well in the baptisms and confirmations of Yitzhak, Demian, and Valentina on Saturday and Sunday! We will be working hard to help them keep progressing now. José has almost finished the Book of Mormon and we bought him a Bible and a Triple that we are going to give him as a surprise when he finishes! We had a family history class on Thursday and quite a few members went, so we are going to keep going with that class and see if we can get some references out of it. We were finally able to talk with the bishop for a while on Sunday with the sister missionaries and the ward mission leader and I think we´re going to start making some better progress with the ward leaders. Today we went to the lake in Tepeji with Elder Huxford and Urrutia and we cleaned and cooked fish by the lake side! That was pretty relaxing! Well, I don´t really know what else to say. I’ll send pictures next week because I can’t send them in this ciber and the other one we use is closed. Love you lots!


Elder Black

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