Teaching at the Zone Conference

Things are going well here. Yitzhak, Demian, and Valentina will have their baptism on Saturday! We’re pretty excited about that. Demian and Yitzhak went to church in white shirts and ties for the first time and we went over to their house before church to give them each a tie and show them how to tie it! They looked pretty good and they are excited to go on missions in a year! On Wednesday we had the zone conference. I was in charge of on of the workshops which was a new experience for me because I had to teach the same thing 4 times in 1 hour. It turned out very differently each time. I was glad I had studied so much to prepare myself because it helped me a lot to respond to the different comments that were made. I taught about vision, goals, and plans and did an activity where they had 2 minutes at the beginning to build a temple using Styrofoam cups and then we repeated the activity after showing them a vision, making a goal, and then I gave them specific instructions about how to work together to build a temple. It was really fun to see what happened with each group and it turned out really well! José will be going back to Veracruz to visit his family in a couple of weeks to get married because he wasn’t able to this time since it was so short notice. He is doing awesome though. Wendy still isn’t spiritually self sufficient and we want her to go to church every week without anyone going to pick her up so she doesn’t go inactive after her baptism, so we decided to wait a little bit longer and keep teaching her. The primary president asked us to share the reverent message in primary on Sunday and the bishop asked us to help him teach the priests class. I think I was more nervous in front of the primary kids haha! But it was fun! And with the priests the bishop asked us to help them understand how they can prepare themselves spiritually before and during the mission. I really love answering questions like that and we had a great experience talking with them! Anyway, we’re excited about this coming week, it should be a great one! I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Black

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