Studying the Gospel and Finding Success

Lately, I have been studying a lot about vision, goals, and plans because I was assigned to teach a workshop about that this coming Wednesday in the zone conference. Also, President Titensor sent us 7 talks to prepare for the zone conference. Also, I think a lot about the missionaries and make plans for training meetings. One cool study topic I had recently was about the relationship between persevering to the end and the gift of the Holy Ghost. I have learned some incredible study patterns that have helped me acquire spiritual knowledge during my mission. Sorry I don´t have time to share everything with you right now, but after I get home, hopefully I’ll get the chance to teach a few family home evening lessons! One of the most valuable things I have learned in my mission is learning how to learn and I’m excited to share a bit of that with you. My companion a couple weeks ago told me that he had never been able to get that excited about studying the scriptures before his mission but now he has found that spark that makes him love learning about spiritual things. Anyway, this week was pretty good. Demian and Yitzhak went on the priesthood campout this weekend. By the way, happy 187th anniversary of the restoration of the Aaronic priesthood yesterday! They are progressing well, but we are kind of worried because the young men don’t really include them. It kind of seems like the young men in our ward are more interested in being cool than in befriending the new converts in their quorums. We started passing by with some of the priests to make sure they are aware of their responsibility. We had a pretty cool experience in one of the lessons this week. We went with some members Alfonso and Barbara to visit Wendy and her family. The family was baptized a couple months ago but Wendy didn’t feel ready and would not get baptized with them. We asked her what a baptism meant to her and she said that she didn’t remember. We felt the impression to teach the doctrine of baptism and confirmation using the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon. She was able to understand and she committed herself to a baptismal date for May 28th! We didn’t even ask her, one of the members had just mentioned that there would be a baptismal service on the 28th and after reading the scripture she thought for a minute and then said, “Well I will be getting baptized on the 28th then.” Then she and her family came to church on Sunday! Also, me and Elder Ayala have taken it upon ourselves to be the guards at the church doors because people here in Mexico have the bad habit of going to sacrament meeting and then just leaving and not going to the classes. So, we stand in the doorway now after sacrament meeting is over and everyone who tries to leave we nicely ask them if they will pass into the classes haha! We’ve convinced quite a few people to stay actually, although it’s kind of like trying to hold water in your hands. José went home to get married this weekend, so hopefully that went well and he was able to get married. We will see him soon. He is super excited to be baptized so hopefully he was able to get married. Anyway, this week should be pretty fun. We are going to Huichápan tomorrow to do another baptismal interview and on Wednesday is the zone conference! I love you lots and hope you have a great week!


Elder Black

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