Visiting Teotihuacan

Well, it was great talking to you yesterday! I have had a super busy week this week. We were travelling all over the place. On Monday we went to Teotihuacán, on Tuesday to the offices and back for the new missionary training meeting, on Wednesday to Tepeji for exchanges with Elder Huxford, on Thursday back to my area, on Friday to Huichápan to do exchanges with Elder Marquez and Elder Sandoval, and on Saturday I did the baptismal interviews up there and we came back (a 3 hour trip). Anyway, that was pretty much my week. Very very busy, but really good. We had some cool experiences on Wednesday. I was on exchanges with Elder Huxford and we contacted a man who was kind of talking a lot and thought he knew a lot about the Bible. We politely took control of the conversation and asked if he would like to know how we have the correct authority to baptize. He thought for a second and then his whole demeanor changed and he suddenly became very interested in our message. The Elders went back 2 days later and he accepted a baptismal date! I know that the Spirit gave us exactly the portion that that man needed to hear during that contact. Also, that day during the district meeting I had taught about the relationship between the Gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. That night we went to an appointment with a new convert in which we had planned to teach about family history. At the beginning of the lesson, she asked the member who had come with us what he did to stay close to God and not fall away. I looked at Elder Huxford and both of us knew that we needed to talk to her about what I had taught during the district meeting. We followed that prompting and had one of the most powerful lessons I have been in lately. At the end she thanked us for sharing that with her because she had been struggling with a decision for some time and now she knew what to do. Other than that, José and the Urive family are progressing very well toward their baptismal dates, so we’re pretty excited for them. I love you lots and hope you have a great week!


Elder Black


Jared with his district.


Temple of the Sun


With Elder Van Tassell and Elder Stanger


Teotihuacán means “the city whose purpose is to make men into gods”


Pyramid of the Moon


It is pretty interesting to note that the walls in between the staircases used to have creation scenes painted on them.


They are called frescos because the paint was applied to the plaster when it was fresh (fresco in Spanish) before it dried all the way.

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