Super Busy As Always

Hey Everyone,

Well, I have been very busy lately, and I will have another super busy week this week. Five of our investigators came to church this week, so we were pretty excited about that. The best thing this week was on Sunday morning. We were fasting so that we could find the people that God was preparing in our area and that we could find them or they could find us. Most of the people we had contacted during the week rejected us but a half hour before sacrament meeting, a man named Josè arrived. The missionaries in Veracruz had contacted him a while back and given him a Book of Mormon. He told us he had read a little bit of it and he showed us where he was and he had started from the beginning and was almost halfway through Alma! He has felt a lot of peace reading the Book of Mormon and his ex-girlfriend was Mormon and told him a little bit about the church, so he finally decided to come to church and he lives in the center of Tula! We have an appointment with him in a few hours! Also this week I have been thinking of ways to make the sacrament more meaningful. All week I was thinking about that and I had a really good experience on Sunday morning studying and praying about how I can improve. A chapter in the Bible came to mind and I studied it and got my ponderizing scriptures from there. I decided that from now on the scriptures I ponderize will be related to what I am going to work on during the week so that it is something a bit more meaningful. The baptism for this coming Sunday will have to be postponed until the 28th of May because Valentina drank coffee this week, so we were a bit disappointed about that. We were finally able to teach Alan though and he is super awesome! He accepted a baptismal date for May 29th and agreed to live the word of wisdom as soon as he found out about it. Also, on Saturday we did a service project with our district and we cleaned a piece of land and trimmed back the bushes with a machete. It was pretty fun and we cleaned up the investigator`s property a ton! Also, today I went to Teotihuacàn with Elder Van Tassell, Elder Stanger, and Elder Montini, one of my old companions. It was super cool and the member that was with us, Ivàn, explained the whole temple to us. Well, things are going well, life is busy and pretty stressful but I`m doing fine. I love you lots and I`m excited to talk next week!


Elder Black

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