A new Area and Companion

Well, I’m super happy to be training and opening area to finish off my mission! We had a pretty good first week, full of miracles, and we’re mostly getting to know the area. It´s really nice here and we always see ruins and cool stuff while we’re walking around too, so that’s kind of cool! My new companion is Elder Ayala from Tamaulipas and he is pretty cool. We get along well. I’m also enjoying being a district leader again. I feel like I’m a lot closer to the action. It’s getting pretty hot around here. I haven’t used a blanket most nights since I got here and we’ve been showering with cold water on purpose most days! This is getting to be about the hottest time of the year right before the rainy season. We didn’t have a whole lot of lessons last week but we were still able to find several new investigators and 5 people came to church this week! General conference was good, but I didn’t get to see all of Elder Holland’s talk because the internet was being slow and then I had to do the reports and then we had to go to a lesson, but I want to see it later. Our area is huge and includes the center of Tula and a bunch of small pueblos north of the city. It is pretty cool. We have an old cathedral and the pyramid of the Atlantes warriors. It’s pretty cool to see stuff like that just walking around the area. There is a member named Iván who basically just comes with us everywhere every day so he is helping us out a lot to learn the area. I am really happy to be here and keeping busy all the time. Love you lots!


Elder Black



A bowling activity a few weeks ago.


Tula Zone meeting


With his new companion, Elder Ayala


With Elder Van Tassell – Both will be trainers


Eating Tacos on exchanges


A view from the balcony in his previous area.


zone meeting in Tepalcapa!

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