Heading to Tula and Training

Well, sounds like you all had a busy week! Sebastian still wants to get baptized but he still has a couple doubts he needs to resolve. I’m sure he’ll get baptized soon though. Angel is a super strong convert to the gospel, although he is unable to be baptized right now because there is a woman who lives in his house and even though she just lives there and sleeps on his couch, the area presidency has a policy that he can’t get baptized if they live under the same roof. He is working hard to resolve that situation though and he keeps reading and praying a lot. He has read almost 200 pages of the Book of Mormon now since we started teaching him and he always comes to church, so he’s doing great and he will be baptized as soon as that situation is resolved. Yesterday at church someone told me that some sisters were looking for me and I went out to see what they needed and I got quite a surprise! Marsela and Diana from Cuautitlán came to the church to visit me before changes because they knew I was here in Ciudad Labor and wanted to come visit haha! I had a good conversation with them and they told me that they haven´t missed a single day of church since their baptism and Marsela told me that in the last 4 months she has read the whole Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Miracle of Forgiveness!!! I was pretty amazed by that because she always said she wasn’t much of a reader haha! I guess she is now though! Anyway, I was really happy to see them and see how strong of converts they are. That was a good boost. We got the changes yesterday and I think I got the best change in the whole mission! I am going to train a new missionary, open area, and be a district leader up in Tula!!! I am super excited!! That is exactly what I was hoping to be able to do at the end of my mission! I’m determined to be the best trainer I can possibly be because a missionary’s trainer has the biggest influence out of everyone in a new missionary´s mission. Also it will be cool because Elder Huxford is going to be my zone leader, so I’ll be talking to him again and I’ll probably do exchanges in Tepeji del Río, where I started out as a zone leader! That’s going to be pretty cool I think! Anyway, I love you lots and I hope you have an awesome week! I’m sure I’ll have some good experiences to share next week about training and opening area! Also, don´t forget to prepare yourselves for General Conference and write down some questions so you can receive more personal revelation.


Elder Black


La Avenida de las Torres, a really long steep hill in our area that we walk up and down every day!



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