Enjoying Missionary Service

Hey everyone!

Sorry, it’s going to be a quick one today. We went to the bowling in Valle Dorado and there were a ton of errors in their system, so it took twice as long as it should have and we’re just getting back. It was super fun though, I pretty much dominated haha! We also went and bought a couple Costco pizzas, which was really good! We didn’t know you have to have a membership to buy food because you don’t in Sam`s here, but you actually do. Luckily  though, there was  a nice lady right behind us that overheard and said she would lend us her card! So that was kind of  cool. This week was pretty busy with the monthly zone report and exchanges with the assistants. We both went over to their area which is super small, but it was cool. Me and Elder Andrus contacted a ton of people and I remembered a member who had a reference for the missionaries when I was there last time 5 months ago with Elder Huxford. So we were able to teach 3 appointments and find 2 new investigators even though we didn’t have any set appointments when we left the house in the morning. It was kind of funny because me and Elder Andrus are the same height, so there we were 2 big white guys walking around in Mexico intimidating everyone into hearing the gospel haha! (And probably also scaring a few people because we got several doors in a row slammed in our face haha!) We’re working hard to get people to come to church but sometimes it’s a bit frustrating because we had 10 investigators tell us that they were for sure coming to church and only  2 of them went. Hopefully we’ll have Angel’s baptism this Sunday though and Sebastian’s on Monday. Anyway, things are going well, and we’re having some good success. The members are helping us out a lot and we are going to try to work with them even more. Have you guys worked with the missionaries up there at all? I know it’s a bit harder because there’s a lot less of them up there, but maybe there would be some way to help them out. I love you lots and hope you all have an awesome week! 


Elder Black

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