Striving for Excellence

Hey Everyone!

Well, sounds like a successful week! Wow Nathan, that`s some pretty impressive running! I’ve been doing a bunch of jump roping and ab workouts in the mornings to try to get in better shape before I get home. Yes Mom, they do use maple syrup here, but they also use a lot of jam and lechera, sweetened condensed milk. That stuff is super good! Don’t worry, I’m not getting trunky. (Here in Mexico it is trunky, I’ve never heard the Word baggy before). There are some missionaries who get toward the end and stop working hard, but if anything, realizing how little time I have left is motivating me to work even harder. I don’t think there has been a time in my whole misión that I have been working as hard and effectively as I am now. I still have a lot of room to improve though. We are working on achieving the standards of excellence to develop more faith. I was still with Elder Van Tassell when I contacted Ismael but I told that story a week later because I didn’t know he was going to turn into such a good investigator until later.

I actually did get a new companion this change, sorry I forgot to mention that last week. His name is Elder Servin and he is from Cuahuila. 

Our area is improving a lot though. We had a Ward family night yesterday in the church, and a few of our investigators came. It actually turned out really cool! We were in charge of it and we talked about faith in Christ. We did an activity where we separated everyone in two groups and one person was blindfolded and one was the guide and they had to lead them up the stairs and down the hall to the primary room. We had put a bunch of chairs and tables in the way and assigned 2 of the Young men to be tempters and give the people wrong instructions during the activity. It turned out super well and I really liked the conversation we had after about what we learned about faith. I especially liked one part I saw where Nefi’s 3 year old daughter Natalia saw that her dad was about to run into a table and she ran over and moved it out of his way haha! I thought that was super cool to think about how we can do the same thing with our loved ones if we see a potential obstacle in their way. Angel is going to get married in a month, and his family is starting to get curious about what he is learning so we might get to start teaching them soon. Angel has a ton of faith and he reads a ton the Book of Mormon. He is going to be a super strong convert! Anyway, that’s about it for this week. I hope you’re all doing well and have a great week!


Elder Black

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