A Good Week in the New ARea

Hey Everyone,

Well, it has been a pretty good week. We have been super busy rushing around all over the place. One day when we were rushing to an appointment we saw an old lady that was really struggling to pull a little handcart. She was heading in the other direction and we were going to be late to the appointment if we stopped to help her, but a verse of scripture from the Doctrine and Covenants came to my mind that says something like – It is not necessary that my elders hurry while there are people perishing on both sides, so we stopped and helped her. When we got to her apartment, we noticed that her yard was really overgrown, so we offered to come one day to cut the grass and trim the trees and clean things up a bit. She accepted and we went over and fixed up her yard on Friday. We used a machete and a pair of yard scissors to do everything, so it took a while but we finally got it done. I’m really grateful for lawnmowers haha! Here they don{t exist, everyone just uses scissors to cut the grass. Also, going back to the day we met her, we went to the house where the appointment was and the person we had an appointment with wasn’t even there, so it didn’t matter that we got there a little late. But we started talking a little bit with her son, who is 25 years old and he invited us in after several minutes talking on the doorstep. He hadn’t wanted to listen the first time that we went there because he had had some bad experiences with a preacher lady that comes to talk with his mom and spends like 5 hours going on and on about how she has been saved and that she’s starting a new church and a bunch of stuff like that. So he thought we were also going to be like that. He is really interested in learning more about the church though. Also, we had a cool miracle happen on Sunday. We were in the chapel talking with one of the counselors in the bishopric about how we can help the missionary work grow here in our ward when someone interrupted us and said that there was an investigator in the hall that wanted to talk to us. We went to see who it was and it was a man we had never seen before. His name was Jorge and we asked him a little bit about what had motivated him to come to the church. He started telling us that he had a religion, but he didn’t feel like it was filling him. He felt like his life was empty and he had ruined his family because of his rough character. He wanted to change but he didn’t know how and finally he decided to come to our church. We went in an empty classroom and started teaching him about the doctrine of Christ and the Restoration and he understood really well and wants to be baptized! He accepted a baptismal date and we are really excited to help him prepare for it! Love you lots!


Elder Black

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