A Tough Week

Well, this week has been a little bit rough. I’m going to have to take out some money because I lost my camera in the taxi during transfers. Well, at least I didn’t lose that many pictures because I had just changed the memory card about a week before. I’m back in the big city in the ghetto again. My new companion is Elder Noesi from the Dominican Republic. He is pretty serious usually, but sometimes he likes to joke around a little bit. This week we had stake conference and all the missionaries sang in the choir on Saturday night. That was pretty fun. On Wednesday we had interviews with the mission president and my companion and I went with Sister Titensor to do cleaning checks of the houses in our zone, then we had a meeting with the stake president, mission president and the zone leaders of the other zone. So we almost didn’t have any time to work this week. But it was fun to see some of my friends from the Aurora and some of the missionaries in the other zone. Well anyway, I hope you are all doing good.


Elder Black

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