A Transfer Back to the City

Well, this week has been a little bit crazy. We had the mission leadership council on Wednesday and then we taught the zone meeting on Thursday. I was super nervous! At the start of every meeting in the mission we have a devotional and there is always a part where someone recites D&C 4 or the missionary purpose and shares a thought about it. About 5 minutes before the leadership council started I looked up on the board and my name was there under D&C section 4. Haha I had to do the same thing when I got to the mission, but I think I was even more nervous this time because I was the newest zone leader in the mission and I had to do it in front of all the leaders of the mission! It went good though. Also in the zone meeting the assistants came to judge us haha! It was a pretty cool meeting because all the missionaries in the zone were participating a lot and sharing a lot of ideas and experiences. It was a good growing experience but I’m pretty glad its over! At least for another month. Well, we got the transfers on Sunday, and I’m a little bit disappointed because I’m going to be leaving Tepeji after just a little more than 2 weeks here. I really liked this area and this zone a lot, but I guess one of the assistants also liked the zone a lot in the zone meeting because he decided to come take my place here in Tula. They are sending me back to Cuautitlan, but this time to be zone leader of the other zone in the stake, Cuautitlan South. I will be there with Elder Noesi, a zone leader with quite a bit more experience, so hopefully I’ll be able to learn some good things from him. I think these 2 weeks in Tepeji have been some of the busiest and most fun weeks of my mission so far. We worked really hard and had some good results even though we had to take up a lot of time with meetings, interviews, stake activities, and reports. This week we had a miracle happen. We have been visiting an older widow named Sirina that hasn’t been able to come to church for one reason or another the whole time the missionaries have been teaching her. Her husband died several years ago and she has had a lot of sorrow in her life because of the deaths of several of her children when they were small. She also has a daughter with some mental disabilities who has a really special spirit. But we had left her just 3 or 4 verses to read that talked about following Jesus Christ by being baptized and she was really able to understand why she needs to get baptized. She accepted a baptismal date and came to church with her daughter on Sunday! I’m really sad I’m not going to get to teach them anymore. Also we have an investigator named Nancy that is going to get baptized soon. She grew up in a less active family and never got baptized. Now she is married and in her 20s and her family got reactivated and she is progressing really well. Also we have worked really hard to get references from the members and go visit people with them and we have found a lot of new investigators that I’m really excited about. I think Tepeji is probably the best area in the whole mission. There are a ton of super prepared people here and it is in the countryside, but there are a lot of stores and places to eat, the people are nice, and we eat with the members in their houses a lot more often. I’m going to miss that a lot.

Cuautitlan Norte

Cuautitlan North Zone (from a few weeks ago)

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