Teaching By The Spirit

Hey Everyone!

That’s pretty awesome that you’re doing so good in tennis Nathan! Keep up the good effort! That’s good that you’re getting some good progress going on the house. I’m excited to see what it looks like when its done! Wow, I sure do miss a good barbecue every once in a  while! That sounds like it was a lot of fun to do the service project and then go have an activity like that. That’s pretty fun that you had a family night in the assisted living center. That’s good that brother Christensen is doing well for his age. Well about the piano incident, I’m pretty sure she can play better than just about anybody in Mexico! Here the pianists mess up a ton in every single song, but nobody really cares, they just keep on singing even though 95% of the people here are completely tone deaf haha! I guess church was never meant to be a talent show anyway though. The only important thing is the Spirit and the Sacrament. On Sunday, right before the lesson they asked my companion and I to teach the lesson in church about the covenant people of the Lord. Me and my companion had never in our lives seen that chapter in the manuel or had time to prepare at all but we saw the promise of DyC 84:85 being fulfilled. The lesson turned out really cool and a lot of people commented after that that they wanted us to always teach the lesson! One of the investigators of the sister missionaries was there and he seemed to be a little doubtful, but at the end when we asked for comments, he started talking about how he understands why he needs to be baptized. It was a pretty cool experience. But I don’t say that just to make us sound like good teachers, rather to prove that the Spirit will always help us to know what to say in the right moment to touch the hearts of the people and help them to believe in Christ and accept his Gospel. We found a new family this week. They had given us money to go eat that day and we were on our way to go eat some tacos when the relief society president saw us in the street and told us to come talk to her. She was on her way to visit some less active family members and asked if we could come with her. It was already pretty late, almost 4:00 and we were super hungry because we hadn’t eaten anything yet that day, but we decided to go with her. So we walked to the other side of our area only to discover that there wasn’t a man in the house, so we couldn’t go inside. They told us to just come in to give the daughter a blessing, but we went and got one of the returned missionaries in our ward to come with us first so we could enter in the house. After the blessing we taught a short lesson about the Atonement to help their daughter with her depression. We were also able to return to their house the next day where we met her dad, who is not a member of the church. He likes the church a lot and wants his kids to go, but he came right  out at the beginning telling us that he himself will not be baptized. We taught a really awesome lesson full of the Spirit though and at the end, when we invited him to be baptized he changed his mind and said yes! I am really excited to keep working with this family because I know that our message can help them a lot in their lives to have a happy, united family working together toward being an eternal family. We also have had the opportunity to teach the Rangel Family in the past couple weeks. It is an older couple who are active in the church but pretty much all their kids and grandkids have gone astray. It is kind of sad, but we went to teach them to help them come back. They didn’t come last week, but yesterday their daughter came to church and brought her boyfriend who is not a member and will be moving to our area soon! It has been a really cool experience working with them. Brother Rangel pulled us aside in church yesterday and told us how grateful he was for us having helped their family so much. I really love those moments when we get to see families come back to church and see all the changes in their lives. I have been coming to understand a lot of new things about the Atonement of Christ in this week and it’s enabling power, because there are a lot of problems in my district with missionaries that are having a really hard time. By studying about it a lot and then teaching them, I have been able to understand some things that I had never thought about before. I was reading my patriarchal blessing and there is a part that talks about doctrines that can only be understood by the power of the Holy Ghost. I am starting to understand what that means now. I also read a talk from Elder Bednar, “A Reservoir of Living Water” that talks about searching for knowledge in the Scriptures. That doesn’t mean just reading them from beginning to end, although that is a great thing to do. That is the most basic way to study the gospel, but we should also study by topic and look for themes, connections and patterns in the scriptures. That is how we can have our eyes more fully opened to the fullness of the gospel. Well, sadly my companion is leaving to a different area after only 6 weeks here. We were both really surprised by that news, but I guess the Lord knows where we need to be. I have really enjoyed having him here. We both have about the same teaching style and have had some really awesome teaching experiences. I’ve heard that my new companion, Elder Flores, is pretty cool though. The awesome part of the transfers though, is that my trainer, Elder Garcia is coming here to be one of my zone leaders! That will be really fun, especially going on exchanges! Well I’ll let you know how it goes this week! Love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Black

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