Busy in Mexico

Well, sounds like everyone’s having a good time up there! We have been really busy down here in Mexico. Things were a little slow when I got here 2 months ago, but my area is getting pretty good now. We have a lot of people to teach and we are starting to get some people coming to church. I wouldn’t mind staying here for quite a while because it’s a really cool ward and I like it a lot. Today we went to play soccer in the chapel with a few other people. There weren’t very much of us because we can only be with one other companionship of missionaries in this mission, but a couple of the young men came also. It was pretty fun though. We finally bought a fan today! That should help quite a bit to sleep at night. We’ve heard that this week might me kind of stormy and cold though, so we’ll see if we use it. This week we went to visit a less active family and they were outside selling something that is a slice of white tasteless fruit covered in hot sauce and fruit flavored sugar. They gave me one when we were leaving and it was not very good, but the kids must have liked them because they were buying them like crazy! My companion and I teach really well together and it is really fun to teach the lessons now. This companionship is really cool, so I hope President leaves us both here for a little while longer. Well that’s pretty much all that happened this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week! I’m excited to be able to talk to you in Skype in a month!


Elder Black

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